An Emphasis on Technique

The goal of individual and small group training is to build and refine the players fundamental technique until it becomes second nature.


Approach: Technical Soccer

These sessions are meant to supplement team practices and develop players individual skill. During the off season and winter time, refining and honing these fundamental skills should be a top priority.

Age groups are broken down into the following developmental categories:

10-12: Golden Age of Learning

This is the age where development of individual skills is very important. Players of this age have a high arousal level in relation to the training of basic skills. As stated, this is the golden age of learning. We are establishing technique and building a strong foundation. An emphasis will be put on developing individual skills under pressure of space and an opponent and increasing technical speed. At this age, we encourage the players to have fun with it while practicing hard. All of these sessions will incorporate fun and engaging activities!

*****Most players stop playing a sport because “it isn’t fun anymore”. Our goal at this age is to provide extra practice while improving their skills and enjoying themselves. *****

13-15: Learning To Compete/Learning To Win

At this stage, individual development (mental, physical, emotional) tends to quicken due to the acceleration of physical and mental maturation. The demands of skill training as well as training loads will increase, thus promoting the improvement of the players’ mental toughness, concentration and diligence. Players tend to be self-critical and rebellious, but have a strong commitment to growing and succeeding. As stated, the technical and physical demand will increase as well as the workload and complexity of the exercises. We still intend to include fun exercises and activities to get the players excited and motivated.


Session Layout


Individual sessions are laid out in 30 or 45 minute or 1 hour increments and held 1-3 times per week depending on availability. Each week there will be an emphasis on a certain topic within Ball Mastery and Strength and Fitness. It will be adjusted according to age and skill level so as the player grows so does the difficulty of the exercises.

These sessions are meant to be high intensity, fun and challenging as it relates to the age group of the player and skill. Sessions can be requested on an individual basis, group basis, or any preference. Group sessions will consist of a minimum of 2 players and maximum of 10 players all within the same age range and skill level.

Cost per session per player:

30 minute Individual session: $25

45 minute Ind/Group session: $40

1 hour Ind/Group Session: $50

Age Range:

Boys and Girls: 10-15